Most Comfortable Wall Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

Selecting paint colors for your bedroom can be daunting, but there are some that will create a calming and serene atmosphere that will help you drift off to sleep quickly. Plus, consider feng shui when making your choice so that you are creating the right energy levels for rest and relaxation in your room.

Finding the Most Comforting Wall Paint Colors for Your Bedroom

Blue is a popular bedroom paint choice, and it’s no wonder: studies have demonstrated that blue has been known to reduce blood pressure and elevate heart rate – making it the ideal shade to unwind in after a long day. Choose blues with gray or green (cool) undertones to make your room appear more tranquil and at peace.

Lavender is a delicate pastel shade with the ideal balance between warm and cool tones that makes it ideal for bedrooms. With its subtle undertones, lavender blends in seamlessly with other shades without taking center stage or seeming overly bold or vibrant.

Purple is a sophisticated and relaxing color when used correctly. Spring Purple by Benjamin Moore is a medium purple with subtle blue undertones that won’t overpower other elements in your room.

Butter yellow is a soothing color that can help create the illusion of more sunlight. This hue gives off a soft and serene glow, helping you to feel relaxed when you wake up in the morning or as you drift off to sleep at night.

White can be a relaxing color to use in your bedroom, but it’s essential that you select the correct type of white so the space feels bright and airy. Opt for shades that read slightly blue rather than pure white with green or red undertones – these would feel too cold and sterile in comparison.

Brown is an all-natural neutral that can be used in your bedroom to create a relaxing atmosphere. Team it with natural flooring and furnishings for an inviting space.

Gray is often overlooked when selecting colors for bedrooms, but it can actually make an excellent choice. Pairing gray with other neutrals in your space will add depth and dimension that help create a peaceful atmosphere that promotes relaxation.

Dark shades of gray tend to recede, creating the illusion of space in small bedrooms. For a subtle gray that still has that cozy feeling of a darker color, try Sherwin-Williams North Star 6246.

Black is a dark color that can help create a relaxing environment in your bedroom. It has an earthy undertone which keeps it from feeling too heavy or stark, making it perfect for an accent wall as the focal point of your space.